Have you ever thought about why it can be a bit tricky to find your favorite local places on Google Maps sometimes?
Well, it’s not your imagination – Google updates have a clever way of changing things around. Imagine Google as a magician, always coming up with new tricks.These tricks are like special spells that Google uses to organize the huge pile of internet information.Sometimes, these spells can shuffle the order of local search results and how places are ranked on Google Maps.
It’s a bit like a surprise twist in a magic trick, making it either easier or a bit harder to find your go-to spots.
So, Do Google updates impact local search results and Google Maps rankings? Let’s explore this interesting question together!

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google regularly updates its search algorithm to provide users with more accurate, relevant, and timely search results.
These updates can be broadly categorized into two types: core updates and local updates.


Core Updates

These updates impact the overall search engine rankings and can indirectly influence local search results.
Core updates are designed to improve the quality of search results by evaluating various aspects of web content, such as relevance, authority, and user experience.

Local Updates

Google also releases updates specifically aimed at improving local search results.
These updates focus on factors that are more relevant to local businesses, such as proximity to the searcher, prominence, and relevance of the business.

Impact on Local Search Results:

Google updates, especially local updates, can have a direct impact on how businesses are ranked in local search results. Here’s how:


Google’s local algorithms consider the proximity of a business to the searcher’s location. Updates can affect how this proximity is calculated and, consequently, influence which businesses appear in local search results.



The relevance of a business’s information to the search query plays a crucial role in local rankings. Google updates may alter the factors that determine relevance, such as on-page content, keywords, and structured data.


A business’s prominence, which includes factors like online reviews, citations, and backlinks, is vital for local rankings. Updates can change how prominence is assessed and weighted in the ranking algorithm.

User Experience

User experience on a website and its mobile-friendliness are important factors for local search rankings. Google updates can introduce changes that impact user experience, affecting a business’s local rankings.

Impact on Google Maps Rankings:

Google Maps is closely integrated with Google’s local search algorithms, and updates can significantly affect Maps rankings:

Google Maps ranking

Map Pack Changes

Google updates can lead to changes in the Map Pack (the group of local businesses that appear on the map when conducting a local search).
This can influence which businesses are displayed prominently on the map.

User Reviews

Google Maps rankings heavily depend on user reviews and ratings.
Updates may alter how these reviews are considered in the ranking algorithm, affecting a business’s position on the map.

Business Information

Updates can affect how business information is displayed on Google Maps, including details like business hours, contact information, and photos. Accurate and up-to-date information is crucial for Maps rankings.

Adaptation Strategies:

Given the impact of Google updates on local search and Maps rankings, businesses must adopt adaptive strategies:


Stay Informed

Keep abreast of Google’s algorithm updates, both core and local. Google often announces major updates, and industry news sources can help businesses stay informed.

Optimize for Local SEO

Continuously optimize your online presence for local search. This includes ensuring accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information, creating quality local content, and managing online reviews.

User Experience

Prioritize a seamless user experience on your website and ensure it’s mobile-friendly. This not only aids local rankings but also enhances user satisfaction.

Engage with the Community

Actively engage with your local community and encourage user-generated content, such as reviews and photos. This can positively impact your Maps rankings.

FAQS About: Do Google updates impact local search results and Google Maps rankings?


Do Google updates affect all businesses equally in local search results?

No, Google updates can impact businesses differently based on various factors like industry, location, and the quality of their online presence. Some businesses may experience significant changes in rankings, while others may remain relatively unaffected.
It’s essential for businesses to monitor their performance and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Are Google Maps rankings solely determined by user reviews and ratings?

While user reviews and ratings are significant factors in Google Maps rankings, they are not the only ones.
Google considers a combination of factors, including the relevance of business information, proximity to the searcher, and overall prominence. It’s important for businesses to work on all these aspects to improve their Maps rankings.

How can I adapt to Google updates to maintain or improve my local search rankings?

Adapting to Google updates involves a combination of strategies, including:
⦁ Keeping your business information up to date.
⦁ Creating high-quality, locally relevant content.
⦁ Optimizing your website for mobile users.
⦁ Encouraging positive user reviews and actively managing your online reputation.
⦁ Monitoring your performance and making adjustments based on the impact of updates.

Is it necessary to hire a professional SEO agency to navigate Google updates for local search?

While some businesses may benefit from professional SEO assistance, many can manage their local search strategies effectively by staying informed about updates, following best practices, and monitoring their online presence.
Hiring an agency can be helpful for complex or competitive markets, but it’s not a requirement for all businesses.

How long does it typically take to see the effects of a Google update on local search rankings?

The time it takes to see the effects of a Google update on local search rankings can vary. Some changes may be noticeable shortly after an update, while others might take weeks or months.
It’s important to monitor rankings consistently and be patient when adapting to algorithm changes.

Can businesses recover from a significant drop in local search rankings after a Google update?

Yes, businesses can recover from a drop in local search rankings by identifying the specific factors that caused the decline and taking appropriate corrective actions.
Recovery may take time, so persistence and a focus on best practices are essential.

Are there any resources or tools to help monitor the impact of Google updates on local search rankings?

Yes, several tools and resources can assist businesses in monitoring the
impact of Google updates on their local rankings.
Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and various third-party SEO tools provide valuable insights into changes in rankings and website performance.


Google updates can indeed impact local search results and Google Maps rankings. Understanding these updates and their implications is crucial for businesses looking to maintain or improve their online visibility in local searches.
By staying informed and adapting their strategies accordingly, businesses can navigate the dynamic landscape of local search and Maps rankings effectively.

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