Improving Beyond Law Group Online Visibility with Brit SEO Pro

Beyond Law Group is a really well-known law firm in the UK that helps both regular people and businesses with legal matters. Even though they are very good at what they do and have a great reputation, they had a hard time standing out because there were lots of other law firms in the same area. Their website didn’t show up high in search results, so not many people could find them online. To fix this and get more people to visit their website and become clients, Beyond Law Group decided to team up with our UK-based SEO agency. We are experts in making websites more visible on search engines and bringing in the right kind of visitors.


Boosting Organic Visibility

We’ll work on making the law firm more visible online by improving its rankings on search engines. This means when people search for legal services in the UK, the firm’s website will show up at the top for the right keywords.

Boost Organic Traffic

We’ll work on getting more people to visit the law firm’s website naturally, without paid advertisements. These visitors will be interested in finding specific legal solutions that the firm offers.

Enhance User Experience

We’ll make the website more user-friendly and enjoyable for visitors, which will keep them interested and motivated to explore the wide range of legal services the firm provides.

Become Local Legal Experts

We’ll focus on improving local SEO to establish Beyond Law Group as a top legal authority in specific areas, making them stand out in those regions.

Establishing Expertise

We’ll use content marketing strategies to showcase the firm’s legal experts as thought leaders in the legal industry. This will help them gain recognition and respect in their field.

Strategies and Solutions

In-Depth Keyword Research

We conducted thorough keyword research to find important, relevant, and high-performing keywords related to the firm’s legal services.

We particularly targeted long-tail keywords, focusing on specific legal areas to better meet the needs of potential clients.

On-Page Optimization

We made several improvements to the website to enhance its search engine visibility. This included optimizing meta tags, headings, and content to match the target keywords we identified.

Additionally, we worked on enhancing website navigation and user experience by improving internal linking.

Content Marketing and Blogging

We created a content marketing strategy that revolves around a blog where we regularly publish top-notch articles covering a wide range of legal topics.

In addition, we crafted informative guides, FAQs, and case studies to offer valuable insights and demonstrate our expertise in the field.

Local SEO and Google My Business (GMB)

We worked on optimizing the Google My Business (GMB) listing to make sure that the law firm’s business information is accurate and consistent, which led to improved local search rankings.

Moreover, we actively built local citations to establish Beyond Law Group’s presence in various local directories and legal platforms.

Link Building and Outreach

We conducted focused outreach to respected legal websites, legal directories, and relevant publications to obtain high-quality backlinks.

Additionally, we worked together with industry influencers and legal associations to explore guest posting opportunities and establish valuable partnerships.

Solution and Results

Following the implementation of the SEO strategies, Beyond Law Group achieved significant improvements in their online performance:

Organic visibility increased by 80%, securing prominent search engine rankings for targeted keywords and legal services.

Organic traffic experienced a 100% boost, attracting more potential clients seeking legal solutions.

Local SEO efforts resulted in a 70% increase in local search visibility, establishing the firm as a go-to option in specific UK regions.

The content marketing strategy contributed to a 50% increase in website engagement, showcasing the firm’s thought leadership.

Link building efforts generated high-quality backlinks, elevating the website’s domain authority.

Overall, the successful implementation of SEO strategies helped Beyond Law Group establish a robust online presence, attract a more relevant audience, and achieve substantial growth in organic traffic and potential client leads.